Who is this Amanda girl anyway?

That's me! My name is Amanda Fink and I am the owner of Fink Photography in Eden Valley, MN. I grew up in Central MN my entire life and wouldn't have changed that for the world. The atmosphere and the people that I have met and became great friends with is amazing. We definitely are MN nice around here. 

I have a loving and chaotic family whom I adore very much! My husband Ben is my rock. Without him I could never have brought my distant dream of owning a photography business to light. Thanks Hun! He also works very hard on the family farm. His dedication to work and to his family never ceases to amaze me. Our four children are the reason we do what we do everyday. They are the reason I started photography and the reason I can pursue my dream every day (even though they are sick of photos). They have been some of my best models when I first started and every now and again I rope them in on my new ideas and photo planning. One day they will thank me! ;) 

How about some fun facts that not many people know about me!

1. I hate BIG spiders. I don't mind the little ones, but I will run away screaming like a little girl if there is a BIG one!

2. I have a caffeine addiction! Monsters galore and it's definitely getting out of control!

3. I lost two sets of baby teeth when I was younger! YES TWO! CRAZY!

4. I can shake my eyeballs! This freaks people out sometimes, but it's super cool to my kids.

5. I can play a variety of instruments, but I cannot read music.....weird huh?!

6. I am deaf in one ear. So reading lips has become a must for me! No one really knows this fact unless they know me. Most people can't even tell. 

7. I love, love, love to read. Mostly true crime books. 

8. I have a crock pot addiction as well! My husband hates this! You never know when your next big party will be.

9. I HATE mornings! If I can work all night I will, but seeing as the kids like to be awake during the day like normal people, my hate for mornings grows every day. 

10. I LOVE PHOTOGRAPHY! Ok, you probably could have figured that one out! ;)

Well enough about me! I want to hear about you! I love stories and hearing about whats going on in your life! Let's chat!




Since we are in the process of getting a new family photo done (way harder now that there are 3 teenagers!) I will share a photo of my furry child, Zeus! 

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