What To Ask Your Wedding Photographer

I get a lot of questions, especially for wedding photography. Most people don't know what they should ask their potential wedding photographer. I have come up with a list of the top five things you should always ask your wedding photographer before booking them. Your wedding is one of the most special days in your life and you want it to be captured in the best way possible. There are so many photographers out there and you want to make sure the one you choose is the right fit for your style and your vision. I know my style is not what everyone wants and that's ok. Ultimately I want you to be happy with the choice  you made and get those wonderful images your have always dreamt of. So here is goes, the list. 

1. Do you have my date available? 

First and for most you want to make sure that the photographer has your date open or you both will be putting in work that is unnecessary. 

2. How would you describe your photography style?

You want to make sure that the photographer has the same vision or can produce the same photo vision that you want. After all, these are your most precious memories that they are going to capture for you. 

3. How long have you been photographing and how many weddings have you shot?

Now this question can get a little grey. A person that has been shooting for 20 years has more experience than someone that has been shooting for 5 years. However, that doesn't mean that the lesser years of experience makes them lesser of a photographer. If you like their style then there shouldn't be a problem. As far as how many weddings have they shot, if this is there first wedding and you don't know them (i.e. friend, family, etc), then be weary. You probably want someone with a little more experience at hand. A good rule is always meet with your photographer before you book them, look at their portfolio, and then decide if they are a right fit for you. 

4. What are your package options? 

For most people this is the number one question they will ask their photographer. Each photographer offers different things. Some only offer prints, some just digitals, other offer full day coverage, while others offer less. Think about what you really want. Do you want professional photographs from start to finish on your wedding day? Do you just want your ceremony captured? Most wedding photographers can come up with a suitable package that fits your needs. Just ask. 

5. When will I receive my wedding photos?

Each photographer has a different turn around time when getting photos to a client. What is "turn around time" you may ask? It is the amount of time it takes for the photographer to get you your photographs from your wedding. Some photographers will have photos ready for you in two weeks, others in three months. You really want to ask this question because I don't want you to wonder if your photographer forgot about you. Some photographers take on a lot of weddings or clients every year and are really busy, hence a longer turn around time. Some only take a certain number of clients so that they can have a shorter turn around time. It is important to know roughly when you will get those amazing images so you can proudly display them for your family and fiends. 


Well there it is. My little list of what to ask your potential wedding photographer. There are so many more questions that get asked and answered in a typical consult, but I want you to beware of the more important ones. Don't be afraid to ask questions! You want to find a photographer that is right for you or you may regret it. Someone that is cheaper may not have the style you want and vise versa. Take time to find the right photographer for you, but not too much time. Most photographers are booked out a year for weddings! 

So have fun in choosing a photographer! It's a great moment when you find the right one for you! 

Have a Wonderful Day!



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