Colorado Fun!

Hello Friends!

So back in June of this year my sister and I took a little time for ourselves and planned a vacation like no other. We had never taken a vacation together, just the two of us. While it was very difficult to leave our children and families behind, it was only for a week. I think more so we were worried what our houses would look like after we had been gone! ;) 

We actually drove our there, yes 14 hours in the car! It wasn't bad considering we have been best friends since birth and the fact that we had no little kids asking us a million times "are we there yet?" helped too. 

The scenery on the way to Colorado was beautiful! We drove mostly at night, but managed to get a few snapshots during the day! 

I have never seen mountains before, so this was something extra special for me! It was just so beautiful out there! 

We did a lot of hiking and site seeing. It was amazing! So many trails (we definitely found out quickly how out of shape we were on some of those steep hikes!)

We climbed a 14,000 foot mountain! (well drove most of the way up haha) At the bottom of the mountain it was 65 degrees (it was early morning when we started) by the time we reached the top, it was 32 degrees and soooo windy! Brrrr! We were not dressed appropriately, but it was still fun! We also saw the biggest fireplace we had ever seen at the Boettcher Mansion! 

Lots of wildlife and beautiful scenery all around us!

Of course we had to "stalk" Peyton Manning and take a joy ride past his house! (Sarah may be obsessed with him haha) 

All in all, it was an amazing adventure. We took soooo many photos, but I chose to share just our favorite. Colorado was beautiful, but we were happy to see our families after a week. Until next time Colorado! We will be back! 



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