Happy New Year!

Well 2016 is almost behind us and what a year it has been! Since launching my business "officially" in 2015, it has grown into something great! I'm not going to lie though, there were some tough times. Starting a new business is an adventure and things don't always go as planned. 

When I started to do photography full-time, I always thought the clients would just flock in because I know so many people and those people will tell those people and so on and so forth. Well after that all happened, and it really did, I was stuck. What happens when you have photographed all the people you know and their friends as well? Nothing. You sit and wait for people and they don't come. Word of mouth really does work, and I did get quite a few clients that I didn't know because of this, but I needed more. 

My first year was what it was. Like anyone starting a business you have to realize you won't be "big" for at least a few years. You need to build cliental, meet with people, learn new techniques, keep up on the latest trends, and go out of your comfort zone to get these people to trust you with some of their most cherished memories. So with that being said, that is exactly what I am doing and will continue to do for this new year. By nature I am a shy person. Meeting new people is not one of my strong points. I know what you're thinking. "Well if you don't like meeting new people, then why are you in a business that you need to meet new people?" Because it is my passion. I love photography and everything about it. I love catching those silly kid poses, the grandparents with all 25 of their grandchildren, or the groom crying as he sees his bride for the first time. It melts my heart to see these kinds of things. I have become so much better at communicating with my clients, so much better! That is one thing I can say I have accomplished in 2016! 

So what's on the agenda for 2017? I'm glad you asked! ;) First and foremost my number one thing to work on is what you, the client, needs/wants. That is the most important part of photography. Finding our what your client is looking for, what they need, what they want.   Whether it's a certain feel of the photographs, a certain pose in particular, or a place that means a lot to them. My clients are the best and I want them to leave me feeling like they got the best. 

My next big adventure will be to be more creative and offer some things most photographers don't. What are these things you may ask? Well I haven't quite figured them out to a tee quite yet. But when I do, I will definitely let you know! It's a work in progress, just like everything else in life, you just have to be patient. 

So before I rant on and on anymore ;) I just want to wish all of you a Happy & Healthy New Year! I will be doing a big announcement on January first on my Facebook page, so make sure you head over there and "like" Fink Photography. 

Here's to a Happy & Healthy New Year!


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