Life Outside of Photography

Hey Everyone!

I am back from vacation and ready to share this blog with you all! So being a photographer is definitely a full-time job. Not only does a photographer snap photos with their camera's, but you then have the editing, emailing, calling, ordering, packaging, social media posts, marketing, whilst still pleasing other clients in the same way. It gets to be a whirlwind sometimes that I wouldn't change it for the world.

But today I wanted to talk about my work life outside the photography business. Over the past few(or more) years I have had the pleasure in helping my in-laws on their farm. Let me tell you what! These people are some of the hardest working people I know! If anyone of you farms, either livestock or otherwise, it is definitely a 24/7 job. Calves are their specialty. Has anyone ever seen how cute these little buggers are?! Has anyone dealt with how stubborn they can be?! Sometimes stubborn is an understatement! It can be darn right frustrating trying to feed and take care of not just a few, but hundreds of baby calves. 

But with ease and patience, my mother-in-law takes care of her babies, day in and day out. Between her and my husband Ben, they have quite a tedious and exhausting job. While I do help out part time, it is nothing near to the hours that they put in each and every day. I am grateful to be able to have the experience and to have the understanding of what true hard work is. Actual physically demanding, time consuming, never-ending work. So here's a shout out to the in-laws and husband for what a wonderful job they do! Couldn't be more honored to know these hard working people!

So between the farm and the photography business, I stay quite busy. Busy is good, right?! Busy is tiresome. Coffee and Monsters are my friend! I will forever not complain about how many photos I need to edit or how many emails I need to return, for this is nothing compared to how much work goes on on the farm. 

Much Love,


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