I Survived!

Hello Friends!

Well I survived my first plane ride! Yay! Granted it was only a flight that was a little over an hour, but it was still nerve racking at first. I wanted to share my experience with you all just because it was an eye opener for my anxiety and nerves. 

So before we left for the airport, I was a nervous wreck. What do I pack? How do I pack it? Am I going to get a body cavity search? (seriously thinking about this for the last two weeks) Am I going to get sick on the plane? Will I freak out on the plane? How will I know where I am going in the airport? (FYI: my husband was not near as nervous as me)

These questions haunted me for the weeks leading up to are departure. Well let me tell you why I should have just relaxed. It really wasn't that bad.  We were lucky enough to be going to the airport with a few people headed to the same destination as us. So we hitch a ride with a wonderful lady named Nikki who by the way is an airport guru, so that was awesome!  We also had another couple with us that were headed our directions as well. So the airport navigation was excellent since we had our own personal guide. Nikki truly saved at least me from a nervous breakdown trying to navigate through a busy airport. But also, if we had been there alone without her, there are so many helpful workers there that they would have showed us where to go without any problems. But it definitely helped to have an experienced traveler with us. 

So we made it to security. Strip down people ;) Just kidding, but seriously it was like being herded like cattle. I know they want to get people through asap because it is rather busy, but I truly know what it's like to be pushed through a line as fast as possible. It wasn't bad though. Kind of nerve racking when we were going through it the first time. Take off your shoes, take out the liquids in your bag, take of jacket, hurry hurry, keep the line moving. I made it through without a hitch! Thank God! Easy Peasy! As long as you follow the rules (and I had read through that airport website guidelines like five times before we even left home just to make sure I was doing everything right), you'll get through just fine. 

Alright, the second most nerve racking experience is done. And it wasn't even that bad! Excellent! So we follow Nikki again. (I almost felt like one of her kids haha) Make it to our gate and wait. Sit down and relax for a moment. Take dramamine! Yes I did this because I had no idea what I would do once that plane was moving. It was a life saver! I calmed down and enjoyed the moments. So we boarded the plane, packed in like sardines. Kind of expected this. We made it. I am now on the plane in my seat. Exciting! No turning back now! I take the window seat of course and Ben (my husband) takes the isle seat. We had already made a deal that one of us would have the window on the way there and the other on the way back. We compromise like children sometimes ;) 

Ok so we are not on the plane very long before we are moving! Just breathe Amanda, just breathe! Moving around the runway like we are driving on a road and then all of a sudden we are off. Up, up and away. I glanced out the window and realize that the ground is falling further below us. I only glanced. Then I closed my eyes. I couldn't handle that part right then. Ben laughed at me as he's trying to see around me out the window cuz it's "so cool" to see the ground disappear from underneath you. Didn't like that part, but I kept myself under control. Not as bad as I expected. We get up to 30,000 feet and I'm good. It's pretty cloudy, so you can't really see the landscape below us, but when you can, it's beautiful! Our ride there had very minimal turbulence and I was ok with that. 

This is getting to be a long story, but bear with me, I am almost done. Ok, so St. Louis is really only a flight that is about and hour, maybe a little over and hour. So before you knew it, it was time to descend. This was probably the worst part of the flight. Yet it was not bad either. A little tuning of the stomach as you are going down (and the guy in the seat in front of us made a mad dash for the bathroom, apparently he really couldn't handle the going down). I felt bad for him because after all this time being nervous and wrecking my brain about how this trip was going to pan out and how this plane ride would be, I didn't have nearly the reaction like this young fellow had. We landed! Easy Peasy! And with Nikki as our "guide" we made it to our final destination with no hiccups. 

So after all of this what was so eye-opening? The fact that I was so nervous and dreading this first experience that it was taking the "fun" out of it was not what I wanted. I learned that no matter what you are doing for the first time, go for it without hesitation. Hesitation only makes you miss out on a better experience. Why spend the time being worried or nervous when you could be enjoying yourself and experiencing it to it's full potential? Lesson learned! I can actually say I do not mind flying. I don't love it, but maybe someday I will. 

Well that was an ear full huh?! For anyone taking a chance on something for the first time, just remember to relax and don't be afraid to ask for help. There are kind people in this world who are willing to help you. 

Lots of Love


P.S. The plane ride home was actually a little smoother and better than on the way there, so that was a plus! 

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